When learning a new skill, repetition is integral to building a new pattern.

The body and mind operate primarily on patterns, or habits, which are indifferent to being helpful or not. Being open, ready, and committed to consistent practice and focus on new or enhanced habits optimizes the system that creates them. Right action repetition breaks not only old ways but also solidifies new ones. That’s why the design of this 21-Day Program encourages you to tap into the essence of your true voice through practical techniques, utilizing your instrument – the voice.

Sandra Margolese in the recording studio

About the Program

What can finding your voice teach you about the way you do business?  A lot!  This 21-day program will ask you to consider and enhance how you communicate with your speaking voice.  

At the end of this program, you will have the opportunity to work directly with your coach, live and online, to practise the techniques you learned with an individualized focus on your specific goals.

In 21 days you will:

  • Learn to appreciate the sound of your voice
  • Control your breathing and communicate with confidence and clarity
  • Work with your coach to enhance your skills

“Your unique voice is the instrument you were born with. You just need to learn how to play it.”

- Sandra Margolese

What's Included

Here's what you can expect in the Finding Your Voice Program

  • Daily Guidance

    A unique set of instructions added to your program each day. You'll get email reminders to keep you on track.

  • Participant Support

    We're here to answer your questions through 24/7 email support.

  • Accountability Calendar

    Printable calendar to keep track of your progress.

Are you ready?

Determine if this program is for you.

  • You are ready to overcome insecurities about your voice to communicate more effectively, both personally and in business.

  • You recognize that your voice has the power to inspire, lead, educate, and communicate.

  • You are willing to commit to a 21-day practice to meet your goals.

  • You want to improve your presentation skills in the boardroom, on social media, in a podcast, YouTube, or in person.

Meet Your Guide!

Vocal Coach, Writer, Singer, and Voice Actor.

Vocal Coach

Sandra Margolese

Vocal students worldwide have been inspired by Sandra to explore possibilities and reach objectives in their chosen professions. With passion and a commitment to excellence, she shares her vocalization techniques to help people unleash their potential, move beyond fears, and utilize their unique instrument – the voice.

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