When learning a new skill, repetition is integral to building a new pattern.

The body and mind operate primarily on patterns, or habits, which are indifferent to being helpful or not. Being open, ready, and committed to consistent practice and focus on new or enhanced habits optimizes the system that creates them. Right action repetition breaks not only old ways but also solidifies new ones. That’s why the design of this 21-Day Program is to teach & practice new skills that will jump-start your journey to better self-care.

About the Program

This program helps you improve your commitment to yourself, recognize and acknowledge the importance of self-care, and feel much more grounded and centered.

It is important to realize that all the energy you give and project out to your colleagues, friends, and family must be directed to fuelling, nurturing and centering yourself first. Changing your perspective on your self-care will change your life.

 Sofia has been capturing a vast range of audiences with her “passion = inspiration” approach for decades.  You will experience her passion and love by inspiring you to reach beyond your perceived potential.

In 21 days you will:

  • Improve your commitment to yourself.
  • Recognize & acknowledge the importance of self-care.
  • Feel more grounded and centered.

“Like the concept of putting your oxygen mask on first, you need to take care of yourself first in order to then help others.”

- Sofia Costantini

What's Included

Here's what you can expect in the Empowered Self Program

  • Daily Guidance

    A unique set of instructions added to your program each day. You'll get email reminders to keep you on track.

  • Participant Support

    We're here to answer your questions through 24/7 email support.

  • Accountability Calendar

    Printable calendar to keep track of your progress.

Are you ready?

Determine if this program is for you.

  • You seek to understand how to bring the balance into your life that you are craving.

  • You are ready to stop complaining about your circumstances and take responsibility.

  • Time for yourself is often neglected.

  • You're tired of the rollercoaster of feelings that come up for you often.

  • You want to make a positive change to experience a more positive life.

Meet Your Guide!

Educator, Program Lead, Producer/Director, Leading Professional

Coach & Program Lead

Sofia Costantini

As a top educator, presenter and leader in the wellness field, Sofia is passionate about helping others reach their personal and professional goals while placing importance on self-care. Her own goal is to share knowledge and strategies on how to build a winning team through positive leadership while maintaining a balanced, healthy mindset. 30 Years of empowerment and leadership management lends the opportunity to share the importance of implementing a positive approach into “how” you do things, allowing individuals to see results instantaneously in everything they do. She motivates clients to reach beyond their perceived potential through an effective, positive leadership approach.

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